Getting started guide

Walk through setting up an account, adding a sensor box, a trigger, and an alert


Please follow these steps to start using sensorhost.

  • Create an account
  • Activate your account from the sign-up email
  • Log-in
  • Add a sensor box
  • Enable the desired sensor signals
  • Connect the sensor box to your Wi-Fi
  • Create an alert
  • Create a trigger

Create account

  • Go to the sing up page
  • Enter your desired username, password, and email address.
  • Confirm you are not a robot
  • Click the complete Sign Up button
  • Your username must be unique. You will be prevented from creating an account if someone has already used the same username
  • Your email address can only be used to create one account. If you wish to create more than one account, you must use a new email address.
  • Please choose a good password.
  • Because of the strong security and one way data encryption we use, we are not able to send you your password because we can't read it. You will need to request a password reset from the log-in page.

Go to the sign up page and create an account

Activate your account

When you sign up, an activation email is sent to the the email address you entered. This should arrive within a few minutes.

  • In the account activation email, click on the activation link.
  • A web page is shown, indicating your account has been activated.

Log In

  • Go to the Log-in page.
  • Enter your username and password.
  • Select the check box to show you are not a robot.
  • Click the 'Log In' button to continue.
  • The robot test may ask you to solve some challenges.
  • Your computer internet address is recorded.
  • The next time you log in from the same address, you won't be asked to robot question for about one month.

Go to the sign up page and create an account

Add sensor box

  • If you are not already logged in, please log-in first.
  • On the top menu, select Manage->My Sensor Boxes.
  • You will now see the 'My Sensor Boxes' page.
  • Click the New Sensor Box button.
  • You will now see the 'Add New Sensor Box' page.
  • Enter your sensor box serial number & key
  • Click the Add Sensor Box button to continue
  • You can only install sensor boxes that are not already installed.
  • If you get an error, check the serial number and key has been entered correctly.
  • Note that the letters must be in UPPER CASE (Capital letters).
  • Sensor boxes have one or more input and/or output signals.
  • All the signals are added when you add a new sensor box.
  • All the signals are initially disabled. You need to enable the ones you want to use.

Go to the sign up page and create an account

Enable sensor signals

  • If you are not already logged in, please log-in first.
  • On the top menu, select Manage->My Sensor Boxes.
  • You will now see the 'My Sensor Boxes' page.
  • Click on the View button for the sensor box you just added.
  • You will now see the 'Sensor Box - Signal list' page.
  • The sensor box signals can be seen, showing the daily fee.
  • Click Edit for the signal you wish to modify/enable.
  • New sensor box signals are always disabled by default.
  • You only need to enable the signals you want to use
  • You are only charged for enabled signals
  • Locate the Device is option and select Enabled
  • You can also change the sensor signal name and units if desired
  • Please don't alter the 'Gauge Options' at this time
  • Press the 'Save Changes' button located near the top right of the page
  • Select the dashboard button to view the dashboard

Go to the sign up page and create an account

Go to the sign up page and create an account

Connect sensor box

Now we need to connect the sensor box to your Wi-Fi. You will need your Wi-Fi modem SSID (access point name) and password before you can continue.

  • Connect the sensor box to power
  • Wait until the Blue & Red LEDs are flashing quickly
  • On your mobile phone, tablet, or laptop, connect to the Sensor box Wi-Fi network AP
  • Open a browser and then open
  • Select your Wi-Fi network, then enter your password
  • Choose 'save setting & exit
  • After about 30 seconds, the Blue status LED should flash once each 1.5 seconds
  • After a few minutes, the sensor signal value should be visible on the Sensorhost dashboard
  • Do not change the server and port settings.

Creating alerts

Alerts can send emails, SMS text messages, or control relay outputs (on sensor boxes that have relays).

  • Alerts are what happens when one of your sensor signals goes outside the values you specify in a trigger
  • One alert can be used by one or more triggers
  • Each email alert can send to up to three email addresses.
  • Each SMS alert can send to up to three mobile phone numbers.

Creating triggers

Triggers are the values/conditions you specify for a sensor signal that when active, will action its specified alert.

  • Provide a trigger name
  • Choose to enable or disable the trigger
  • Select the sensor signal for the trigger to use
    • Depending on the sensor type, some options on the page will change. i.e.
    • - Analog sensors (such as temperature) have more options
    • - Digital sensors (such as a door switch) have simpler options
  • Select the is option as desired
  • Select the State (digital) or enter the Value (Analog) as desired
  • Select the trigger timing
    • Select Immediate to activate the alert as soon as the trigger conditions are met.
    • Select Wait to activate the alert if the trigger condition is met for the specified minutes
  • Enter the desired minutes value if Wait has been selected
  • Choose the alert you want to use when this trigger activates
  • Triggers can also be scheduled (advanced topic). More details will be added for this option later.
  • Make sure you click the Save Changes button near the top right of the page.
  • You can create more than one trigger per sensor signal.

Creating sites

Sites allow you to group sensor boxes on the dashboard.

  • Each sensor box can be added to one site.
  • Sites could be a physical location at your premises
  • Sites could also be different premises

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