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No fuss protection for your temperature critical assets with real-time monitoring and alerts.

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data from quality sensors, instantly visualise trends and receive alerts for critical events.

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by some of Australia's largest businesses, we lead in risk management for refrigerated products.

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Remote Water Level

How much water do you have?

  • Save thousands every year, reduce travel to check water levels
  • SMS & Email alerts if level is outside your set range
  • 4Gx Cellular sensor with solar power & rain gauge options

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cellular water tank sensor

Cold room/fridge/freezer

Know it's working 24/7

  • Protect your valuable refrigerated stock
  • SMS & Email alerts if temperature outside your set range
  • Relocate your stock before it perishes

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Is your medication storage temperature compliant?

  • Protect your refrigerated medication & vaccines
  • SMS & Email alerts if temperature outside your set range
  • Reduce monitoring costs - no staff time needed
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Power monitoring

Monitor your use or generation

  • Identify high power usage items
  • Track your solar power generation
  • See trends over time
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Temperature, humidity, pressure, dew point

  • Manage your crop and protect from disease
  • SMS & Email alerts if any sensor outside your set range
  • Record the micro-climatic conditions in your vineyard
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We are here to stay!

  • Over 30 years experience in electronic R&D
  • From mining to Antarctica
  • Industrial, commercial, residental
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All your sensor data is stored securely on the Cloud.

Connect multiple users with variable account privileges.

Connect sensors from multiple sites in a single account.

Never miss a critical event with SMS & email notifications. #1

Review and analyse your data with powerful graphing functionality.

Keep track of data events and activity with a detailed event log.

Amazing features!

★ Affordable & secure Wi-Fi & Cellular internet connected sensors

★ Visual graphs & downloadable data - View Sensorhost Gallery

★ Save time & money - (Automate your measurement tasks)

★ 24/7 monitoring, low daily fee from 10¢ - (Per monitored sensor) #2

★ Data can be used for compliance with regulations - (Cold chain)

★ Temperature sensors calibrated against NATA traceable standard to ±0.1°C

★ No software to install

★ Access your data from any internet connected PC, tablet, or smart phone

★ Email alerts are free

★ SMS alerts - only pay when alerts are sent #1

★ 24/7 real-time monitoring

★ Instant or delayed alerts - when value goes out of the range you specify

★ Add more wireless sensor boxes as your business grows

★ Option for 100% tax deductible rental payments

★ Alerts can activate an output on a sensor box

★ No software installation is required, just internet access

★ Why pay more for less! Our prices are up to 90% less than some of our competitors

★ Time zone aware - It works in your time-zone

★ Send an alert if a sensor goes off-line

★ We don't only do temperature monitoring, we also monitor doors, humidity, ambient pressure, power and more

★ An optional relay output that can be controlled by an alert is available

★ Sensors and alerts can be automatically enabled and disabled with schedules. Only receive alerts when you want!

★ Add as many alerts to each sensor as you like. Each alert can have different settings

★ Threshold alarms can be delayed - Only activate the Alert if the value is above the threshold for a specified period of time

★ Threshold alarms can be scheduled - Automatically enable/disable on the days, and at the times that suit you

★ New sensors are being developed all the time. Contact us with your needs, we can develop a sensor for you

#1 SMS alerts - only pay for each sms, no monthly fees

#2 Daily fee only charged if your sensor stores data that day!

SensorHost are the cold room specialists providing turnkey monitoring solutions to the industry with over 30 years experience. From food and beverage to the pharmaceutical industry, our innovative systems are affordable and easy to install. Reduce the risk of lost or compromised stock and ensure your cold rooms are compliant.

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